Following is a list of dealers who have committed to participate to-date. In the event that a dealer(s) is unable to attend due to illness, inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances, another dealer(s) may be invited to attend.

For more information on each dealer, please visit their individual page by clicking their name below.

The Burro's Pack

C E C I L I A - GEMS With a Smile

The Crystal Corner

Mineshaft Minerals

Jewelry by Melanie

Karmic Christals

Lost Cove Minerals

McKenzie's Jewelry

Mystic Valley

Our Gangue Minerals

Riddle Hill Rocks

Roy Hurlburt Minerals

Schoolers Minerals and Fossils

STL Rocks, Inc.

Sun Rock Studio

Traditional Hands

Unique and Rare Stone Jewelry

Wire Dance Designs