"Like" the Cabin Fever Productions Facebook page by midnight on Sunday, February 15, 2015 to be entered into a drawing for the pyrite sun similar to the one shown below. 


Pyrite Sun

 Pyrite is a mineral of the cubic crystal system.  Its chemical name is iron disulfide.  Although it is usually found in cubes, pyrite in the coal fields of Southern Illinois grows in an unusual flattened aggregate form due to the restricted space between the layers of coal and shale.  This form of pyrite is often called a pyrite sun or pyrite dollar.  At one time it was believed that these forms were pyrite replacements of prehistoric plants or animals; however, it is currently accepted that they are crystal growths and not fossils.

The pyrite sun that is the prize in this drawing comes from a coal mine in Sparta, IL.  All of the coal mines in Southern Illinois where these specimens can be found have been closed and no further pyrite suns will be retrieved …  The winner of this prize will possess an item that is becoming increasingly rare and more difficult to find!