Join the mailing list to be notified of the annual Cabin Fever Productions event.  You will be sent one postcard annually.  Your information will not be shared or sold with any other organization or company.

Those receiving postcards are invited to bring them to the show to participate in a special drawing not available to the general public.  The winner of this drawing will win a $75 check. 

Send the following information to with "Mailing List Request" in the subject line:

Name, Address, City, State, Zip

(We reserve the right to substitute another type of gift card or prize with the same or greater value.) The winner will be drawn at the time the show closes from all postcards presented during the full weekend of the event. The name of the winner will be posted on this website and the prize will be mailed to the address on the postcard.  Only show attendees presenting an official Cabin Fever Productions postcard will be eligible to win this prize.  Postcard recipients are also eligible to separately sign up for and win any daily attendance prizes available to the general public.