Karmic Christals Metaphysical Crystal Pendants:

The artistic design of these one-of-a-kind vibrational pendants are unique to themselves and the artist, Ryan Gorman and Karmic Christals.


A Reversible Medicine Pouch of Hand-Wrapped Crystals

The cyrstal pendants created by Ryan Gorman, consist of a group of stones that work to harmonize and balance each persons own unique energy field.

All crystal pendants are fashioned from hand-hammered sterling-silver, gold, and brass.

We use a variety of different gages and shapes of wire.

Midwest Crystal Fest

Ryan will help pick the right stones for your specific needs.

Each stone has a particular function or purpose. For example, if you are working with intuition, strength, purification, relaxation, courage, mental agility, or grounding, there are crystals and minerals for each. There may even be a crystal you are drawn to that is in alignment with your particular soul path and development.

During the design phase, Ryan encourages his customers to express their desired goals regarding their custom vibrational pendant. Once the wearer has harmonized with their cyrstal talisman, Ryan also welcomes feedback concerning your individual experiences.

We supply metaphysical crystals, minerals, custom wrapped jewelry, and
facilitate vibrational healing therapy.