Missouri Mineral and Bead, LLC

Missouri Mineral and Bead stocks a large selection of semi-precious stone beads, glass beads, Japanese seed beads, plated and sterling findings, and jewelry making tools and supplies. We also have a large selection of Zuni fetishes (carvings), rock and mineral specimens, and various lapidary items. Our store is located at 815 N. Pine Street in downtown Rolla, Missouri.

At the Cabin Fever Productions 2012 show we plan to offer some of our newest Zuni fetishes, high end beads including lapis, turquoise, ruby, iolite, garnet, opal, tourmaline, sun stone, and peridot. We will also have some large smoky quartz pieces, some with tourmaline inclusions, Tibetan quartz points, and lodolite from Brazil.

Visit our website at: http://missourimineralandbead.com

Jere Cadoret

Missouri Mineral and Bead, LLC

815 N. Pine St.

Rolla, MO 65401