Established 1982


We are full-time professional mineral, fossil, meteorite, and stone carving dealers at numerous "Gem,  Mineral, & Fossil" shows throughout the country. We also carry fulgurites and tektites, and recently added Trinitite to our inventory. We personally select our specimens and carvings with care to provide good value as well as pleasing esthetics. We carry an extensive inventory from world wide locations to our shows. You may visit our mineral store on-line for calcite to tourmaline, ammonites to trilobites, and those space rocks called meteorites.

Over the years we have developed hundreds of excellent contacts throughout the world and can obtain almost any fossil, meteorite, or mineral specimen a collector, museum, school, or university, might want to acquire. Specific requests and want lists are welcome. 

We believe we carry "affordable" specimens of above average quality. Our philosophy has been (and continues to be) that a collector should choose quality within their budget. A few good quality specimens will provide more enjoyment and satisfaction, and instill a greater sense of pride, than numerous cheap and mediocre specimens. Over a period of time good quality fossil, meteorite, and mineral specimens tend to increase in value whereas cheap specimens will always be cheap!  And, lest we forget, there is an old saying that goes something like: the bitter taste of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. 

As for ourselves, Earlene has a degree in Geology, with an emphasis in Mineralogy, and worked as a field geologist prior to starting the business. Her great interest in mineral specimens began as a collecting hobby and eventually she became a mineral dealer after learning there is little demand for female geologists. John has a background in engineering and has become quite knowledgeable of fossils; hence, it was natural for us to become a fossil dealer. John has collected meteorites for several years and is a member of The Meteoritical Society and the International Meteorite Collectors Association. Again, collecting and the business worked hand in hand for him to expand as a meteorite dealer. In 1989 the huge cut-back in the nuclear weapons industry forced John to take early retirement. Consequently, we went from part-time to full-time show dealers. With our backgrounds we are confident we can provide a degree of expertise few other dealers can offer.

We conduct business on a personal basis with 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your purchase price will be refunded. Our many thousands of satisfied customers include a great diversity of people from beginners to advanced collectors as well as curators.

We are not the largest mineral dealer, not the largest fossil dealer, nor the largest meteorite dealer, and we do not claim to carry the finest specimens. We only ask that you give us the opportunity to provide you with good quality specimens at affordable prices. We sell value and believe you will be pleased with our service and specimens.