The Fossil Hut, Ltd.

Donald Baumgartner

120 South Walnut Street Palatine, IL 60067


 The Fossil Hut Ltd sells common and unusual fossils to the general public and to specialty collectors. The retail geographical focus is the upper Midwest.

Most Fossil Hut fossils are direct purchase and shipment directly from the country of origin, collected by the original collector... - no middle man to keep prices low.
Items for sale:
Fossils primarily,both common and rare. Includes shark teeth, fish, dinosaur bones, trilobites, ammonites, mammoth, insects amber, Mazon Creek animals & plants, trace fossils, Cambrian arthropods, Vendian fossils, and more. Offer as well meteorites, fulgurites, Trinitite, tool artifacts of other human species, geodes, and dinosaur skull casts.